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BLACKROLL Fascia Duo Ball 12


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Even more effective massage due to the distance between the balls
Ideal for the treatment of thoracic and lumbar spine, as the spinous processes are protected by the recess
Ideal massager for the thighs, flanks, thoracic and lumbar spine

The DUOBALL by BLACKROLL ® is with a diameter of 12 centimeters not only small and handy, but also incredibly effective. Two fascia balls were skillfully combined to massage parallel muscle strands, especially the spine.

Muscle tension can be extremely painful. Especially when the pain radiates and movement restrictions set. With the DUOBALL 12 from BLACKROLL ®you can easily treat these pain points yourself. And best of all, you do not need strangers' help with self-treatment because the product consists of two fascia balls that merge seamlessly with each other. The distance between the balls is deliberately chosen to save the spinous processes at the self-massage of the spine. In this way, you can massage the muscle strands that run alongside the thoracic and lumbar spine at the same time. In addition, the double ball is suitable for self-treatment of flanks, thighs, arms and calves. Due to the diameter of 12 centimeters, you can work both on a large scale as well as selectively to treat tight muscles and painful triggers. The BLACKROLL ® DUOBALL 08 In this regard, it can be a valuable supplement to reach deeper muscles and increase the massaging effect.

Both the DUOBALL massage ball and the other products of BLACKROLL ® are made of recyclable, pollution-free materials that protect the environment. Due to the eco-friendly production the massage ball is completely odorless and easy to clean. The degree of hardness was perfectly matched to your needs so that you can use the DUOBALL not only for regeneration, but also for fascia massage and fascia training. Fascia are connective tissue strands that provide support for your muscles. If they are glued, they may be responsible for pain that is comparable to tendonitis. An experienced therapist can use the DUOBALL from BLACKROLL ®Although not substitute, however, he is just for the self-massage a valuable help. In combination with the BLACKROLL ® BALL 08 and BALL 12, you can selectively treat individual muscles, especially the shoulder area, the calves and the buttocks, in order to dissolve painful triggers with a soothing fascia massage.

Due to the skillful combination of equal-sized fascia balls, the DUOBALL massage ball is the ideal massager for parallel muscle strands. Through the narrow middle part of the bony structures, especially the spinous processes of the spine, the tibia and fibula, the ulna and the spoke omitted. In this way you can not only massage the muscle strands that run next to the spine - you can also use the DUOBALL to treat your lower and upper arms, your shoulder (deltoid muscle) and your legs. If you encounter triggers during the massage, you will stay longer on those points to relax the tense muscles. For the neck area is the DUOBALL 08 massage ball a little better because it is a little smaller with a diameter of eight centimeters.

The DUOBALL is a bestseller of BLACKROLL ® . It has been specifically designed for the active regeneration and relaxation of tight muscles to stimulate blood circulation and improve mobility. The functional fascial training with the fascia balls of BLACKROLL ®is not only therapeutically useful - it is also fun. When doing the exercises, you work almost exclusively with your body weight, either leaning on the floor with the ball or leaning against the wall. To reduce the pressure on the ball a bit, you can support yourself with your legs or arms. Through the active movement of your body you massage the affected muscle strands, which feel much softer after the treatment. You can even use the ball to mobilize your shoulder, which often has painful triggers.

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