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BLACKROLL Fascia Ball 12


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  • BLACKROLL ® BALL 12 is perfectly suited for selective self-massage
  • less intense due to larger contact surface
  • Bestseller of BLACKROLL ®
  • applicable on the floor, at the table and on the wall
  • BLACKROLL ® product Made in Germany

The BLACKROLL ® BALL 12 is the perfect training device for punctual self-massage to be able to treat muscle tension yourself. In contrast to the  BLACKROLL ® BALL 08 , the BLACKROLL ® BALL 12 has a larger surface area so that the fascia massage is not too intense. You can easily regulate the pressure with your body weight to reach superficial or deeper muscles.


In addition to the BLACKROLL ® fascia roll STANDARD and the BLACKROLL ® BALL 08, the BLACKROLL ®BALL 12 is one of the most popular products of BLACKROLL ® . Unlike the BLACKROLL ® BALL 08, the BLACKROLL ® Massage Ball  12 with a diameter of 12 centimeters is slightly larger. Due to the larger surface of the massage pressure is less intense, so that the ball is not only suitable for punctual, but also for a large-scale massage.

Hard-to-reach triggers that trigger pain and restricted mobility, especially in the back and neck area, can be easily reached with the BLACKROLL ® BALL 12. And best of all, you do not need a partner for the application. You only need a wall, a table or the floor to perform the massage with the BLACKROLL ®Fascia Ball  12.


The BLACKROLL ® BALL 12 is the ideal training device for physically active people who want to regenerate and relax after exercise. Tense muscles are  purposefully loosened with the BLACKROLL ®Massage Ball 12 to improve blood circulation, flexibility and performance. Also, the connective tissue structures of the muscles (fasciae) may be responsible for pain caused by unilateral movements or sedentary activities. This pain is mainly in the lower back and in the buttocks.

By leaning against the wall or laying on the floor, you can  easily massage the pain points with the BLACKROLL ® Fascia Ball 12. Self-massage exercises are easy to learn and practicable almost anywhere.


The BLACKROLL ® Fascia Ball  12 is not only the perfect massage device for a relaxing massage - it is also suitable as a training device for a soothing fascia training, to prevent muscle pain and movement restrictions. As soon as you combine the BLACKROLL ® BALL 12 with the BLACKROLL ® BALL 08, you can vary the intensity of the fascia massage in the best possible way.

The BLACKROLL ® BALL 12 is basically versatile. With the ball you can gently massage your arms and legs. The BLACKROLL ® BALL 12 with the BLACKROLL ® BLOCK is particularly easy to combine in the chest area to intensify the fascia massage . The pressure on the surrounding tissue becomes even greater when you lean against the wall with the BLACKROLL ® BALL 12 or lay it on the floor. Using circular and sliding movements, you can massage the buttocks, calves, thighs and entire back unaided. If the pressure is too strong, you simply support yourself with your hands or feet.

By the way:  Due to its small surface, the BLACKROLL ® BALL 12 is mainly used for the treatment of hot spots, so-called triggers. These triggers often cause pain that may radiate to the extremities. Since these hotspots are particularly stubborn, you should massage them not only more often, but also longer (15 to 20 seconds). It is best to exert a gentle pressure on the tissue with the BLACKROLL ® BALL 12, whereby the massage must not hurt. The more often you perform the functional training, the softer and more flexible your muscles become.


So you can massage both the superficial and the lower lying muscles, you should combine the BLACKROLL ® BALL 12 with the  BLACKROLL ® BALL 08 and the BLACKROLL ® STANDARD fascia roll . Due to the size difference of the BLACKROLL ® products you can reach every muscle.

For the back, especially for the parallel strands of the spine, it is best to use the BLACKROLL ® DUOBALL 08 or DUOBALL 12 . With the BLACKROLL ® DUOBALL you can not only massage your neck and back, but also your calves and upper arms.

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