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When Schiek was founded in 1991, the goal of the company was simple: to create the finest gym belt in the world. It was a promise that the brand more than delivered on, as the original belt quickly became the go-to choice for the best weightlifters and bodybuilders on the planet.

The brand now has a presence in 85 countries, and offers 77 product lines, with weight-lifting accessories still forming the core offering. On top of their famous belts, Schiek also offers belts, gloves, straps and a range of other power training gear and accessories.

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Schiek FAQS

What gym equipment does Schiek specialise in?

Schiek is most famous for its first product, the Schiek weightlifting belt, which offered unmatched levels of quality, comfort and support when it was introduced in the early 90s. In the decades since Schiek has become famous for its wide range of high quality strength training accessories, including straps, wraps, gloves and more.

Is Schiek a good brand?

Schiek is one of the world’s leading weight lifting accessory brands, known as “The Gold Standard” in the industry. It is the preferred choice for weightlifters, bodybuilders and power athletes across the globe – brand ambassadors include the biggest names in the Mr and Ms Olympia competition, such as Phil Heath, Ronnie Coleman, Jay Cutler and Cydney Gillion.