Collection: Concept 2

Concept 2 was originally founded in 1976 as a company that built composite rowing oars – and it remains a leader in that space to this day. But in 1981 the brand expanded into the fitness equipment space. The original Concept 2 indoor rower soon became the best-selling rowing machine in the world.

A half-century later, Concept 2 still specialises in rowers, but has expanded further, offering exercise bikes, ski machines and other cardio fitness equipment. Known for quality, Concept 2 products are used by everyone from Olympic athletes to rehab patients, and can be found in commercial gyms, fitness centres and homes.

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Concept 2 Gym Equipment FAQS

Is Concept 2 a good brand?

Backed by a 50-year history of developing fitness equipment of the highest quality, Concept 2 has an enviable reputation in the fitness industry. By choosing Concept 2 fitness equipment you can be confident of durability, smooth operation and the most user-friendly workout experience.

What gym equipment does Concept 2 specialise in?

Concept 2’s primary focus is rowing. The company was founded by Dick and Pete Dreissigacker, a pair of Olympic rowers who initially developed composite oars. While the brand has since expanded into other types of cardio equipment, rowing remains at the heart of the business.