Adaptable to the diverse needs of personal trainers, gym owners, coaches, physical therapists and fitness instructors, the commercial functional trainer is an essential piece of equipment for every fitness professional. The numerous exercises that can be performed on a commercial functional trainer empower fitness professionals to create dynamic and engaging training sessions using a single piece of equipment that is durable, compact and safe.

What is a commercial functional trainer?

A commercial functional trainer is a fitness apparatus that utilises cables to combine resistance training with functional movements. This commercial-grade fitness equipment is designed and tested for use in gyms and athletic facilities, where all gear must be highly durable due to prolonged and intense use. Commercial functional trainers are heavy-duty machines consisting of two adjustable weight stacks, a cable and pulley system, multiple cable attachments and a versatile frame. Because functional movements are based on real-world situations, this unique approach translates to improved overall fitness and direct transfer of strength, coordination and balance to daily tasks.

Let's explore why this piece of equipment is essential for every fitness professional.

Versatility and customisation

Perhaps the most notable advantage of a commercial functional trainer is its adaptability to all fitness levels and goals. Fitness professionals work with exceptionally diverse populations, including elite athletes, bodybuilders, first-time gym goers, elderly clients seeking mobility, patients recovering from injury or surgery and everyone in between. A commercial functional trainer is designed to accommodate this variety effortlessly, enabling trainers and coaches to adjust resistance, angles and movement patterns to align perfectly with each individual fitness goal.

Workouts can be modified to target specific muscle groups, enhance coordination and address imbalances, resulting in more effective and well-rounded workouts. All-in-one commercial functional trainers also eliminate the need to switch between multiple machines, which streamlines training programs.

Optimal space utilisation

The compact design and retracting cable-based structure of a commercial functional trainer allow it to fit seamlessly into a variety of workout spaces, from small personal training studios to bustling commercial gyms. As a result, fitness professionals can provide top-tier services regardless of the size of their facility. For example, GymQuip’s space-saving G20 Pro™ All-In-One Functional Trainer packs an incredible amount of training options and customisable features into its small footprint, offering more than 400 exercises on one highly efficient piece of equipment.

Durability and maintenance

Commercial functional trainers are built to withstand rigorous use in high-traffic environments. Their sturdy construction ensures longevity, reducing the cost and inconvenience of frequent repairs or replacements. Notably, industry leader GymQuip provides innovative, warranty-backed commercial functional trainers that offer unmatched durability and longevity.

Health and safety

A commercial functional trainer’s flexibility and adjustable resistance levels allow users to make controlled and gradual progression. Fitness professionals can easily guide clients through exercises, teaching proper form and minimising risk of injury. Movements on functional trainers are unrestricted and fluid, ensuring that users naturally engage and build stabilising muscles. GymQuip proudly stands behind its reliable commercial functional trainers, each of which comes with a 5-star safety rating.

Cost-effective investment

While the initial cost might seem significant, a commercial functional trainer’s long-term benefits far outweigh the price. In particular, all-in-one functional trainers can include such a wide range of cable attachments and extra features that other machines become redundant. This allows fitness professionals to save on expenses by offering a complete workout experience in one single-purchase unit.

What exercises can be performed on a commercial functional trainer?

A commercial functional trainer can pack strength and split training, bodybuilding and powerlifting, high-intensity interval training, plyometric and explosive training and rehabilitation exercises into one system. These powerful machines allow for innumerable exercises designed to enhance strength, stability, flexibility, endurance and physique, including:

Chest press

Set cables to shoulder height and attach handles. Stand facing away from the double weight stack. Extend arms forward and retract in a controlled motion.

Cable wood chops

Set the cable in a high position and attach the handle. Stand perpendicular to the weight stack. Extend both arms upward to grasp the handle. Pull the cable down and across your body, rotating torso and keeping arms extended. Reverse this motion in a controlled fashion.

Tricep pushdowns

Set the cable in a high position and attach a tricep rope. Stand facing the weight stack and grasp overhand with both hands. Keeping elbows tucked in at your sides, fully extend arms by pushing cable downward. Retract in a controlled motion.

Donkey kicks

Set the cable in the lowest position and attach the ankle strap. Affix to the ankle and lean forward facing the weight stack. Bracing yourself on the machine with your arms, push one leg back and up while maintaining a 90-degree angle at the knee. Retract in a controlled motion.

Mountain climbers

Set cables in the lowest position and attach ankle straps. Affix to ankles. Assume a press-up position facing away from the weight stack. Keep your foot off the ground while quickly raising one knee to your chest. Without stopping, quickly retract and repeat with your other leg.

Who can use a commercial functional trainer?

As for who can use and benefit from a commercial functional trainer, the answer is simple: anyone and everyone. With universal appeal, the commercial functional trainer is a perfect fit for individual users as well as gym owners and fitness professionals who seek to deliver efficient, dynamic and results-driven workouts to their members and clients.

Top-tier commercial functional trainers are extraordinarily versatile, going far beyond the exercises listed above. Take GymQuip’s G20 Pro™ All-In-One Functional Trainer, for example—it combines a commercial-grade functional trainer, Smith machine (450kg), power rack, chin up station and leg press, with 30 attachments and updated features including a swing arm and 2:1 cable ratio. The possibilities are truly endless with this revolutionary piece of equipment.

Why choose GymQuip?

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