Maybe you own a gym and are looking to expand your workout options, or need to replace some tired looking equipment. Maybe you’re starting a brand new gym, and need to complete a commercial gym fit out from scratch.

Whatever the case, you’re on the hunt for gym equipment that won’t mind being used all day every day, by people who may not be treating it particularly delicately.

What exactly does such commercial equipment for a gym business look like? In this guide we’ll be outlining all the things you should look for and considerations you should make when shopping for bulk fitness equipment for your commercial gym.

What to look for in gym equipment for your commercial gym

All commercial gym equipment shares a few common traits. It is particularly robust and hard wearing, and it is able to be used by almost anyone, regardless of their fitness level or gym expertise.

But beyond those basic traits, there are a number of decisions you’ll need to make as a gym owner regarding the specific pieces of equipment that will feature on your floor.

When shopping for gym equipment for your gym business, the following considerations should be front of mind.

    1. Budget

    Before you begin shopping, get an idea of how much you’re willing or can afford to spend.

    Commercial gym equipment is generally more expensive than home workout equipment because it is designed for heavy use. That said, buying bulk gym equipment can bring the price down a little through economies of scale.

    It’s also important to remember that commercial gym equipment isn’t a cost, but an investment that will pay itself back over time. By buying higher quality equipment at the start – brands like Circle Fitness, Concept2, Force USA and Body-Solid – you can save yourself a lot of money in the long run, as you won’t need to replace your machines as often.

        2. Space Utilisation

    The floorplan of your gym will determine both the number and type of fitness machines you purchase. So do you have a clear blueprint of your gym that maximises your use of space?

    Creating a gym floorplan is part art, part science. You need to group similar equipment together, consider how people will move around the gym, and make smart use of empty space. With expert help from a team like Gymquip, you can ensure your commercial gym fit-out is done right.

        3. Types of Workout

    Do you run a general gym that caters to the maximum range of people possible? Do you run a more specialised gym that focuses on a certain type of customer or workout? The answer to these questions will define the specific fitness equipment you will need to invest in.

    If you run a more general type of commercial gym, remember that you’ll need to cater to a diverse range of fitness needs and preferences to ensure you maximise your customer base and potential profitability.

        4. Equipment Quality and Durability

    When shopping for commercial gym equipment for your business, there’s one consideration that should take precedence over all others. The quality and durability of the equipment you choose will define how nice it is to use and how long it will last.

    ‘Cheap’ commercial gym equipment is only ever cheap at the moment of purchase. In the end you’ll need to replace it more regularly, which will ultimately see you spending much more in the long run. Quality commercial gym brands like Concept2, Force USA and Body-Solid are a solid investment as they’re built to last.

        5. Maintenance Requirements

    A factor that is closely linked to the quality of your gym equipment, the best brands don’t usually need much maintenance, but will offer perfect clarity on how to care for your gym equipment, particularly items that feature moving or motorised parts.

    Once you’ve fitted out your gym, you need to establish a gym equipment maintenance plan that keeps all your equipment in good working order, to ensure the safety of your customers and team. At GymQuip we offer ongoing preventative maintenance services to ensure your gym runs smoothly and safely. And speaking of safety…

        6. Safety Features

    From locking pins to emergency stop buttons, your commercial gym equipment must be fitted with all the necessary safety features that prevent accidents or minimise the damage if an accident does occur. At Gymquip we exclusively sell commercial equipment fitted with all the relevant safety features.

        7. The Latest Features and Technology

    Digital tech is fast turning from novelty to expectation in commercial gyms. The ability to track workouts and compete remotely against fellow gym-goers can be a deciding factor for customers choosing a gym.
    Stay up to date with the latest fitness trends and technologies, and choose equipment that offers the features that your target customers are looking for.

        8. Aesthetics

    There was a time, not so long ago, when all commercial gym equipment looked more or less the same – let’s call it industrial, where thick, bare or black-painted metals dominated. But these days commercial gym owners have a far broader array of looks to choose from.

    While many gym owners will see aesthetics as the least important factor in choosing commercial gym equipment, there’s no denying that the look of your machines contributes to the overall feel, atmosphere and vibe of the space they inhabit. The classic industrial look will suit a strength training business like Gold’s Gym perfectly, but an anaerobic-focused gym may benefit from different designs.


    Gymquip: your commercial gym equipment specialists

    There are a surprising number of considerations to make when shopping for the perfect equipment for your commercial gym. But by choosing the right gym equipment partner, the process of securing the right equipment – the type that brings more customers in, and keeps them around – is made so much simpler.

    Gymquip is that partner. Offering a complete range of the world’s leading commercial gym brands, we’ve been helping Aussie gym owners find their ideal equipment for over 30 years.

    From designing gym layouts, to complete equipment fit-outs, to maintaining your equipment into the future, at Gymquip we’re a one stop shop for all your commercial gym equipment needs.

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