Treadmills are amongst the hardest working pieces of equipment in any commercial gym. They spend every day spinning their belts and absorbing the often significant impacts of gym members walking, jogging, running and sprinting on them.

The combination of the high impact workouts they offer and the moving parts they feature mean that a treadmill is unlikely to last as long as other commercial gym equipment, such as weight benches or leg presses.

Gym equipment technology is also evolving fast. More and more members expect their chosen gym to offer treadmills with digital screens, where they can control and track their workouts, and perhaps even compete against other gym-goers beyond the walls of your gym.

All these considerations highlight the need for a modern gym to find a commercial treadmill supplier they can trust. But what does such a supplier look like?

What to look for in a commercial treadmill supplier

Whether you’re looking to update your equipment, or you’re starting from scratch and need a complete commercial gym fit out, the first step is to find a trusted supplier.

There are a number of traits that the best commercial treadmill suppliers share. Here’s what to look out for.

   1. Range

Not all treadmills are built the same. Treadmills come in an array of shapes and sizes, from traditional machines to sprint-focused air runners to accessibility-focused rehab models. They can offer any number of features, and can feature the classic industrial look or something a little more designer and elegant.

The best commercial treadmill suppliers will offer a complete range of options, to ensure you have access to the exact treadmill that aligns with the vibe of your gym and the needs and wants of your members.

   2. Quality

The quality of treadmills is just as important as (if not more important than) the variety of treadmills that a supplier offers. The best commercial treadmill suppliers simply won’t touch lower quality equipment – they’ll know that these machines will cost their commercial customers far more in the long run, because they simply won’t last.

Search for a commercial treadmill supplier that deals exclusively in high quality brands. Look for names like Circle Fitness, which have proven their quality and longevity over the course of decades.

   3. Expertise

Finding the right commercial treadmill for your gym is about understanding the needs of your members, the constraints of your gym and the equipment options available to you.

The best commercial treadmill suppliers will be able to provide guidance on all counts, using their expertise to find a treadmill that will align with the desires of your target customer, and that will work within your budget and space.

The right supplier will never be a pushy salesperson. They will simply give you the information you need to make an informed decision.

   4. Reputation

Before committing to a commercial treadmill supplier, get a sense of their reputation. Read case studies and customer testimonials. Check their Google reviews. If possible, speak to a current customer about their experiences with the supplier. High quality commercial treadmill suppliers will have nothing to hide.

   5. Longevity

Longevity is a critical trait in a commercial treadmill supplier, not least because it gives you confidence that there is someone to help if an issue arises with your equipment.

Many gym suppliers have come and gone over the years, but the best tend to stick around. Look for a commercial treadmill supplier that has been providing high quality service to its customers over the course of decades.

   6. Support

Speaking of service, what level of post-sales support will you enjoy from your chosen commercial treadmill supplier? As mentioned at the top, treadmills are perhaps the hardest working pieces of equipment in any gym. As such they need the most care to keep working at their best.

A high quality commercial treadmill supplier will be capable of providing the level of post-sales support that a gym needs. From delivery and installation, to regular servicing, to

repairs and parts replacement, to taking care of warranty claims should an issue occur, the right supplier will be at the beck and call of customers whenever they might be needed.

Gymquip: your trusted commercial treadmill supplier

you’ll have a partner that can identify the right equipment for your gym –the type that brings more customers in, and keeps them around– and who will keep your machines running like clockwork.

At Gymquip we are proud to be that partner for a wealth of Aussie gyms. And we tick every one of the boxes listed above.

We offer a huge range of high quality treadmills. We bring an unmatched level of expertise, having helped commercial gyms with equipment for over three decades. And we provide the finest post-sales support – with the reviews to prove it.

We offer an end-to-end service. We are ready to help you choose a treadmill and keep it working like new for the long run. We supply treadmills to gyms across Australia (weekday orders will be on the road within 24 hours), and offer installation services as well, to ensure your new equipment is set up and ready to go for your members by the time we leave the premises.

You can either visit our sprawling 2000m² premises, or let us come to you wherever you are in Australia. Get in touch with our friendly team today.