For a lot of fitness fans, going to the gym is about pushing yourself to the limit – doing whatever you need to do to get stronger, faster and fitter.

This means that a gym’s fitness equipment will also be pushed to the limit, all day every day. Most gym owners know that an investment in quality will pay off in the long run, as high-end, robust equipment will last longer and perform better.

But which brand is best? In this guide we’ll take a look at the very best gym equipment brands that any gym owner or operator would be wise to fill their floor with.

What is commercial-grade gym equipment?

Commercial-grade gym equipment is fitness equipment that has been designed for use on commercial gyms – the large gyms that are open to any paying member, and that sometimes operate 24/7. As such this equipment is built to deliver a high quality experience and stand up to constant use.

Commercial gyms must cater to everyone, from people at the very beginning of their fitness journey to those who try to push the limits of what the human body is capable of. This variety of user demands gym equipment that is simple enough for a beginner to use (and hopefully not misuse), yet strong enough to stand up to whatever a professional athlete might require from it.

And unlike home and private gym equipment, which might be used a handful of times a week, commercial gym equipment is constantly in use, particularly in gyms that grant their members 24/7 access.

A number of specialist commercial gym equipment brands have tasked themselves with meeting the unique challenges faced by gyms. They design and build a wide variety of fitness machines that are up to the rigours of constant and often harsh use.

What are the best gym equipment brands in 2023?

So which gym brand is best? To find out, let’s learn a little more about the main commercial gym equipment brands.


With over 50 million people using their products every day, Technogym is one of the largest commercial gym brands in the world, having been the official gym equipment supplier to the last eight Olympic games. Established in the 80s by Italian entrepreneur Nerio Alessandri, Technogym equipment is known as much for its beauty as its quality, having won dozens of design awards over the years.


The commercial gym equipment arm of Peloton, Precor equipment is found in commercial gyms, offices, country clubs, hotels, residential buildings and YMCAs in over 100 countries. The Peloton influence can be found in The Preva® Network, a technology that connects hundreds of thousands of Precor exercise consoles and has so far recorded billions of workouts.

Life Fitness

What began with a homemade exercise bike in 1968 has grown into one of the largest and most trusted fitness brands in the world. Life Fitness now owns a number of other brands, including Hammer Strength, Cybex and ICG, but its namesake equipment is still its most popular, with Life Fitness gear found everywhere from residential towers to Wimbledon.

Matrix Fitness

Matrix Fitness prides itself on staying at the leading edge of gym equipment innovation. Boasting research and development facilities in Taiwan, Shanghai and Wisconsin, it is continually pushing the boundaries of gym machinery, in an effort to help users push their own boundaries.


Founded in 1989, US-based Body-Solid sells high quality fitness equipment in over 100 countries. In 1994 the company became the first in the industry to introduce a lifetime warranty for its fitness products (for home use), which hints at the quality of their equipment. They also supply products to police departments, fire departments and the military.

Circle Fitness

Circle fitness is a fitness equipment brand best known for the technology it integrates into its machines. In its commercial line – the 8 Series – each piece of cardio equipment is fitted with a large touchscreen that allows a user to track their workout, get tips, and enjoy a full selection of entertainment options.


A company established in 1976 by a pair of Olympian rowers, Concept2 originally designed high-end racing oars, but over the years expanded into a range of fitness equipment, including commercial machines. Rowing is still at the heart of the company, but it has proven adept in designing machines for a number of other fitness fields as well.

Force USA

Despite being one of the newer commercial gym equipment brands on the block – it was established in the early 2000s – Force USA has fast become one of the leading names in the industry. It believes in creating innovative equipment at competitive prices, a goal that it has more than delivered on over the years. It operates in over 25 countries, and has a focus on strength training.


Sustainability is front of mind at NOHrD, where fitness tools and equipment are lovingly crafted from carefully selected materials. This German company makes stunning equipment that is built to last, and is unique in trading hard metal for organic materials like timber and leather in many of its designs, such as their WaterRower collection. Their 1500m² factory even powers itself through an extensive array of solar panels on the roof.

What is the best brand for commercial gym equipment?

The best brand for commercial gym equipment will depend on the piece of equipment in question, and the needs, wants and budget of the buyer. Of the brands listed above, Technogym, Precor, Life Fitness and Matrix sit at the more premium end of the pricing spectrum.

But the good news for gym owners and operators is that the other, more affordable brands—Body-Solid, Circle Fitness, Concept2, ForceUSA and NOHrD —are often just as well-built, as they are designed to withstand constant use. Some of these commercial gym brands now offer a lifetime warranty on their products.

Those that produce low quality gear don’t tend to last long, so if a brand has been around for a few decades, as all those listed above have, you can rest assured they offer high quality equipment.

All brands have their strengths. Technogym creates stunning machines, Precor focuses on tech, Force USA and Body-Solid have become industry leaders for a reason, Concept2 has deep knowledge and expertise in rowing and resistance equipment, and NOHrD brings a unique focus on sustainability.

What is the best commercial gym equipment company?

The best company for gym equipment is a slightly different question. Ideally a gym will have access to all these leading brands in one place, as well as fitness equipment experts who can offer an unbiased opinion on which brand and machine is best.

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