Whether you’re the owner of a commercial gym, or you want to fit out your own home gym, you’ll be well aware of the importance of cardio equipment.

These machines are designed to get your cardiovascular system working hard, raising your heart and breathing rates, which burns calories, increases your fitness and endurance, and generally helps you achieve your fitness goals.

But what equipment does your gym need? While the best cardio machine for you will depend on your fitness goals and preferences, there are a few that should be at the top of your shopping list if you’re fitting out your gym.

So, whether you’re looking for top-rated home cardio machines or commercial equipment, let’s break down the top cardio machines that you should feature on the floor of your gym.

1. Treadmill

The humble treadmill is the world’s most popular piece of gym equipment. It’s a staple for a reason: it allows you to enjoy the oldest and arguably most effective form of cardio – running – no matter what the weather is doing outside, and without moving so much as a metre.

While the concept of a treadmill is quite simple – a rotating belt that you can run on – modern machines like the Matrix TF30 offer a far more exciting and immersive experience. A large touchscreen console allows you to precisely track your workout and, with the help of clever visuals, can make you feel like you’re going for a trail run.

2. Manual/curved treadmill

Curved treadmills like the Assault Air Runner offer a more intense running workout. You actually power the machine while you run, and burn 30% more calories in the process. Curved treadmills offer a totally different running experience – one that can prove effective and quite addictive.

3. Spin bike

Built to replicate the experience of riding a road bike, spin bikes bring the Tour de France to the floor of your gym. Perfect for spin classes, modern spin bikes come with a wealth of settings that allow you to track your workout and adjust the intensity.

4. Recumbent bike

Not everyone enjoys, or can even handle, the stooped posture of a spin bike. That’s where recumbent bikes come in. Built for comfort, while still offering a cardio workout that can be as gentle or intense as you like, recumbent bikes are ideal for the elderly, less mobile, or simply those who prefer a more relaxed posture.

The Matrix R30 recumbent bike comes with your choice of widescreen console that can offer a far more immersive cycling experience.

5. Air/assault bike

Air bikes, otherwise known as assault bikes or fan bikes, are one of the most efficient calorie burning machines in any gym. They engage your legs and your arms, and the harder you push and pedal, the greater the resistance you feel. Air bikes are an ideal addition to workout circuits, as these machines are best attacked in short bursts.

6. Upright bike

Our final bike sort of sits halfway between the spin bike and the recumbent bike. Upright bikes allow you to avoid the hunched over posture of a spin bike, but don’t go as far as the almost lounge style of a recumbent bike. The upright posture keeps your spine straight, while a large seat can make longer workouts more comfortable.

The Matrix U30 upright bike is one of the finest examples of this type of cardio machine. It features unmatched ergonomics and a Comfort Arc Seat, and you can choose from three different consoles, up to a 16” HD screen, that grants you easy access to a wealth of training and entertainment apps.

7. Rowing machine

No cardio machine quite matches the rower in terms of a full body workout. Every major muscle group is activated, from your arms, through your core and to your legs. This has made rowing machines a staple of gyms everywhere, including home studios (many models are designed to store neatly away.)

There are three main types of rower that provide resistance through different means: air rowers, water rowers and magnetic rowers. For the most part this is just a question of preference, as the action is largely the same across all these machines.

8. Elliptical cross trainer

Ellipticals are machines that allow you to walk, run or climb while engaging both your arms and legs, but in a way that avoids pressure, wear and tear on the joints, making for a more comfortable workout and minimising the chances of injury.

The best elliptical machines for your home or your gym will depend on your or your members’ preferences. Suspension ellipticals like the Matrix E30 provide perfectly smooth motion, while ascent training ellipticals like the Matrix A30 let you adjust the incline to increase the intensity of your workout and target a more precise set of muscles.

9. Stepper/stair climber

Speaking of inclines, that’s what steppers and stair climbers do best. These machines serve up a never-ending set of stairs for you to climb, which can be an ultra-efficient way to increase your endurance and strengthen and tone your legs. And with the help of the console embedded in a machine like the Matrix C50 ClimbMill, climbing stairs has never been more fun!

10. Ski ergometer

Ski ergometers, or ski ergs, let you strap on the skis and hit the slopes from the comfort of your gym. The movement is similar to how you use poles to gain momentum when you ski – you grab a pair of handles above your head, then you pull down, with adjustable levels of resistance provided by cables and weights. Yet another full body workout, ski ergs are a newer but increasingly popular form of cardio equipment.

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