At its core, business is about maximising profit and minimising costs. As such a gym owner might consider filling their space with second hand commercial gym equipment to keep costs low. But is that a wise move?

Let’s look at the reality of buying used commercial gym equipment, in particular the risks that you might unknowingly take if you choose to kit out your gym with second-hand gear.

What is commercial gym equipment?

First things first: what exactly is commercial gym equipment? It’s simply the heavy duty equipment found in gym businesses, which is designed to handle the more regular and rough use of a commercial gym environment.

The quality and durability of commercial gym equipment means that it can be quite a bit more expensive than home gym equipment. This is why a gym owner might consider buying used commercial fitness equipment—to save a bit of cash or lower the amount of capital required to start their gym business.

But is it a good idea? Perhaps not, and for a number of very good reasons.

8 reasons why buying used commercial gym equipment can be risky

Buying used commercial exercise equipment can be a roll of the dice for the owner of a commercial gym. Here are eight considerations that you should make before investing in used professional gym equipment.

1. Reduced life

Every time a piece of gym equipment is used, it eats away ever so slightly at the lifetime of that machine. As the name suggests, used gym equipment has been used, often quite a bit. When you purchase a machine that has already built up a decent amount of wear and tear, you’ll face earlier and more regular breakdowns, and you’ll need to replace the machine sooner—often far sooner—than if you bought new.

2. No warranty

Speaking of repairs and replacements, new pieces of gym equipment come with warranties that guard gym owners against premature issues. An owner can be confident that the machine will last at least as long as the warranty period, and often far longer. If it doesn’t, the warranty covers repair or replacement. 

But used machines don’t tend to come with warranties – all the risk is placed squarely on the shoulders of the buyer.

3. A lack of parts

If you have purchased a piece of used gym equipment that isn’t a well-known brand, and if something rips, snaps or otherwise breaks, you may find repairing it tricky – or worse, impossible – due to a lack of spare parts. This can turn a second-hand bargain into the most expensive disposable item you’ve ever bought.

4. A lack of service history

Commercial gym equipment is like a car, in that regular servicing ensures it performs well, lasts longer and is safe to use. When you consider buying a second-hand car one of the first things you’ll do is look at the service history. 

When you buy used gym equipment wholesale or from another gym, you won’t really know how well it has been maintained, which means that it may not last as long as you think, or may not be as safe for your members as it should be.

5. Issues with upkeep

When you buy a brand new piece of commercial gym equipment from GymQuip, we can tell you exactly how the machine needs to be maintained, and can even take care of that maintenance for you. This ensures the machine keeps performing as it should for as long as it can. But this assistance is rarely offered when you purchase used commercial gym equipment. It’s up to you to figure out how best to maintain it, and to take care of that maintenance. If you get it wrong, there can be serious consequences.

At GymQuip we offer monthly or quarterly preventative maintenance schedules on new equipment sold, which ensures any potential issues are prevented, and that your equipment continues to perform at its peak.

6. Potentially faulty installation

The same DIY issues can apply to installation. Without expert help, you risk building or installing a second-hand machine incorrectly, which can mean risking the safety of your members and the reputation of your business. When you buy new, you can leave construction and installation to the pros. At GymQuip we can even help you develop a floor plan that maximises your use of space and improves the ergonomics of how your members move around the gym.

7. Inconvenience

Is a bargain piece of commercial gym equipment truly a bargain if you’ve spent endless hours searching for it, or if you have to drive halfway across the country to pick it up? Hunting for and securing an amazing deal can be a time-consuming affair, particularly when compared to shopping in-store or online at GymQuip, where you can buy high-end exercise bikes, rowing machines and strength training equipment in moments, and get it delivered to your door in double quick time.

8. A subpar experience

Ask yourself: do your members want to pay good money to use second-hand equipment? The reality is that used machines will often feel like used machines – they won’t deliver the high quality experience that members expect in a commercial gym setting, which might affect your ability to attract and retain customers.

Why risk it? Choose GymQuip

Ultimately it’s important for a gym owner to understand that while hunting for a bargain is a tempting way to save money, and can even be fun, buying used commercial gym equipment can bring real risk.

At GymQuip we deal exclusively in brand new gym equipment designed to work better and last longer. We’ve been completing commercial gym fit outs across Australia for over three decades, and we continue to offer servicing and support after the sale, to ensure your new equipment does what you and your members need it to for the long haul.

You can either browse our extensive range of commercial equipment in-store or online, or we can come to you. Get in touch with our friendly team today.