The personal training industry is always evolving. As we gain a deeper understanding of how best to train the human body, and as we create new forms of training that combine this science with modern tastes, it is changing the way personal trainers do their jobs.

The experience delivered by today’s personal trainers is very different to the one delivered two, three or four decades ago. And the transformation of the industry is far from complete – if anything it is only gaining pace.

So what personal training industry trends does today’s fitness professional need to be aware of? In this guide we’ll take a look at the latest personal training trends you need to know about.

Why should personal trainers keep an eye on trends?

Before we get to the latest trends in personal training industry businesses, we should first understand why evolving with trends is important in the first place. If your personal training business ain’t broke, why fix it?

The reality, however, is that ignoring trends and doing things how you’ve always done them can limit your ability to pick up new clients. Sure, many of your current clients will be happy to stick around, but if you don’t cater to current tastes, or offer unique reasons for a customer to choose you, you may struggle to secure new business.

When a potential client compares your offering with that of another trainer who has adapted to the latest trends, they may get lured in by the extra bells and whistles offered by the competition.

You don’t need to go overboard in terms of trend-chasing, but keeping an eye on what clients want, and working to meet those desires, is just a solid business decision.

5 of the latest personal training industry trends

What are the latest trends in the personal training industry? Here are five that all fitness professionals should note.

1. Recovery as part of the session

Modern fitness fans appreciate that the workout is simply the filling of the health and wellness sandwich. Warming up your body before exercise, then granting it the opportunity to recover after, are key to maximising the effects of a personal training session and feeling your best.

With this in mind, many personal trainers are now investing in ice baths, allowing them to offer a refreshing, restorative dip to their clients immediately after a workout. This can form a meaningful point of difference for a personal trainer looking to secure new clients, and it can be a surprisingly cost-effective investment.

2. Data-driven workouts

One of the major driving forces behind the evolution of the fitness industry has been increased access to data. Now personal trainers can offer critical exercise and fitness information as part of a session, as modern equipment is incredible at tracking and offering insights on workouts.

High-end commercial cardio equipment, like the premium models in the Circle Fitness cardio range, offer instant feedback via a large screen, allowing both trainers and users to better manage and optimise every workout.

3. A focus on longevity

A couple of decades ago, young, fit individuals formed the personal training industry’s key demographic. In certain quarters there was perhaps an unhealthy focus on aesthetics – more ‘beach weights’ than building strength. But as time has rolled on, both the industry and its clientele have matured.

One very modern trend is a focus on personal training workouts as a means to extend both the quality and the length of clients’ lives. More and more retirees are searching for personal trainers who can help them to retain or improve their strength and mobility, so as a personal trainer you might consider actively targeting this demographic.

4. Eco-friendly, sustainable fitness

For many people, particularly younger generations, sustainability is becoming a major consideration for every single purchase they make, including who they choose as a personal trainer. If you can prove the sustainability of your personal training business, you’ll gain access to this eco-conscious crowd. But how?

Some brands, like NOHrD, forgo the metal and build exercise equipment from more organic materials like wood. But perhaps the most sustainable form of exercise equipment is whatever lasts the longest, as you won’t have to replace it as often (which makes it good for the planet and good for your wallet). To this end, a personal trainer should always choose durable, heavy-duty, commercial gym equipment.

5. Virtual workouts

This last trend is a little bit left of centre, and may prove a bridge too far for many personal trainers – at least for now – but virtual reality (VR) workouts are slowly transitioning from novelty to genuine workout option.

VR headsets offer the ultimate gamified workout, and in the process make exercise attractive to people who may otherwise be allergic to the gym. They offer cardio that doesn’t feel like cardio – instead of running on a treadmill or cycling on a stationary bike, you fight off zombies or play a virtual game of paintball. With the Apple Vision Pro, augmented reality (AR) may also offer a personal training experience that certain people are far more open to.

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