An infinite run without moving an inch – treadmills are perhaps the defining piece of commercial gym equipment, and for good reason: these machines can offer everything from the most gentle to the most intense of workouts, and can therefore be used by almost every member of every gym.

But when the machine will be potentially used 24/7/365, you need to ensure you invest in the best heavy duty treadmill possible. So what do the best commercial treadmills look like? In this guide we’ll walk – or jog, run or sprint – you through everything you need to know about top commercial treadmills: the different types, the things to look for, and where to find the ideal machine.

Types of commercial quality treadmills

A treadmill is a treadmill, right? Not exactly. While all treadmills work the same at a base level – the tread spins, the user walks, jogs or runs – the workout that each machine is designed to deliver can vary a surprising amount.

The best treadmill for commercial gyms will also be quite different to the best treadmill for home gyms. As a gym owner you won’t be interested in home models that are designed for light use, such as manual treadmills, folding treadmills and desk treadmills.

The best professional treadmills come in three main forms:

Commercial motorised treadmills 

The best treadmill for commercial use is the ‘standard’ motorised treadmill. A heavier duty version of a home treadmill, this piece of exercise equipment is designed for use by any and every member of your gym. Built to handle a steady flow of users throughout the day, modern commercial treadmills can also offer up detailed workout data via a built-in screen.

Rehabilitation treadmills 

A common sight in rehabilitation clinics, but often found in commercial gyms too, a rehab treadmill is essentially a tricked out version of a standard commercial treadmill. Designed for injury recovery, rehabilitation, the elderly and people with limited mobility, these treadmills focus on lower speeds, feature a wealth of grips and handles, and a number of very prominent emergency stop features like buttons and wrist straps.

Air runner 

The best commercial treadmill for gyms that target a more elite type of athlete, air runners feature a slightly curved tread designed for high speed, high intensity training. Users run or sprint on these machines in short bursts, and burn far more energy in the process. 

    What to look for in the best commercial treadmill

    Perhaps you plan to buy a few commercial motorised treadmills. Maybe you want to add an air runner or rehab machine into the mix. Whatever the case, you want to make a smart gym equipment investment. Here are a few things that the best commercial treadmills have in common:


    If you want to attract and retain gym members, you need to offer a high quality exercise experience. High quality treadmills offer a better user experience – one that will keep your members coming back. Choose high quality machines from brands like Circle Fitness.

    Durability and warranty 

    With quality comes durability. The best commercial treadmills are designed to handle near-constant use, so hunt for machines that look and feel sturdy. Check the length of the warranty, as this is a good indicator of the confidence that a manufacturer has in their machine. Remember too that longevity is about conducting regular maintenance and upkeep to ensure your treadmill is working as it should.


    Your commercial gym is a business, so it’s important to think of your treadmill purchase not as a cost, but as an investment. The longer your treadmill lasts, and the higher the quality of the workout it offers, the greater the return on investment. By framing your purchase in this way, the benefits of choosing the best commercial treadmills – and the dangers of choosing a cheap option – become more obvious.

    Innovation and technology 

    High quality brands tend to invest in innovative technology that enhances the workout experience. In terms of treadmills this tech can include real-time workout data, gamified exercise, or linked workouts that pit different users against each other. Machines like air runners also change the concept of what a treadmill can be. By offering feature-packed equipment, your members will never get bored of going to your gym.

    Customer reviews 

    Before you invest in a commercial treadmill, jump online and check reviews. Keep in mind that reviews for commercial gym equipment can be harder to find than reviews for home gym equipment, because these machines are bought by gym owners not end users. That said, you can get a good sense of the quality of a commercial treadmill brand by doing a bit of research online.

    Post-sales support Aesthetics 

    At GymQuip, we see the sale of a commercial treadmill as the first step in a long relationship with our customers. We are dedicated to delivering the very finest post-sales service and support, including delivery and installation, maintenance and upkeep, repair and replacement.

    While it may not be the primary consideration for your commercial treadmill purchase, you’ll nevertheless want to invest in a machine that looks good and that matches your gym’s feel and aesthetic.

      GymQuip: your commercial treadmill specialists

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