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Portable Massage Table Hire – per month


Foldable massage table with all options included like arm rest, headrest, arm extensions and carry bag.

Foldable & Lightweight (14kg)

8 Hole adjustable. Height range

60cm – 82cm.

70cm – 185cm

90cm including arm extensions.

Side arm extension; face plus; adjustable headrest with arm rest & carry bag (ALL Included)


Arm rest:

Bed width ext:

Carry case:

1 Year Frame & Parts



Delivery                                                     $80

Collection                                                   $80


Hire / Buy FAQ’s


  1. What happens at the end of the hire period?
  2. You should contact us towards the end of your hire so we can talk you through the following options.
  3. Cost to re-hire unit.
  4. Cost to pay balance and own the unit.
  5. Request a changeover for a new unit to purchase.

The cost of the changeover is $80, this includes delivery and assembly. The changeover option is only available after your first hire period.

  1. Pay the unit off in monthly instalments as stated on your hire contract.
  2. Return the hire unit or request it to be collected.


  1. If I want to cancel my hire do I get a refund?
  2. No. We do not offer refunds for items returned early in the first hire period.


  1. Does GymQuip contact me at the end of my hire?
  2. It is your responsibility to contact us to discuss your options. We will certainly try and contact you. Overdue fees may apply if no contact has been made.


  1. Is the unit covered under warranty?
  2. Definitely, if you are experiencing a problem with the unit contact us and we will make the necessary arrangements.


  1. Is the unit insured?
  2. No. The unit is your responsibility from the time you take possession.


  1. Can I receive a new unit once I’ve made my final Hire/Buy payment?
  2. No. You can only request a new unit on or before the end of the first hire period. i.e.: the first 3 or 6 month hire term.


  1. If I damage the unit is that covered under warranty?
  2. No. Neglect will be charged accordingly.


  1. Can I purchase a better unit than the one I hired?
  2. Yes. We also deduct your hire money from the full retail price of the upgraded unit. Sale prices don’t apply to Hire/Buy changeovers. A $80 changeover fee applies and can only be done after the first hire period. We do not offer a payment option on upgraded units.


  1. After my first hire period can I re-hire at the 3 or 6 month rate?
  2. Yes you can, but it will not reduce your Hire/Buy balance. To reduce the balance you are required to enter into the Hire/Buy and make monthly instalments.
Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 180 x 60 x 90 cm

Purple, Blue


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