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Fastlane Pools are designed to bring you all the benefits of traditional swimming pools in a fraction of the space. They’ve evolved into what is known as one of the most efficient swimming machines in the market today. With a single-propeller 5-hp system that’s wider and taller than your body’s needed area, Fastlane Pools deliver an effective swim/aerobic workout for most fitness levels.

Fastlane Pool Specifications

  • 2.13m x 3.66m to 3.05m x 4.88m swimming area
  • Modular steel construction
  • S53.3cm x 40.6cm water outlet grill
  • Poolside digital systems control
  • Skimmer filter (removable-cartridge type)
  • 30-amp, single-phase, 220-volt power requirement
  • 1m standard water depth, 1.14m & 1.3m optional
  • 5-hp swim current generator with wireless remote control
  • Reinforced acrylic water flow and conditioning system
  • High-efficiency circulating pump
  • 4-kW electric heater
  • Many options available (covers, copings, treadmills, etc.)

E2000 Models

The E2000 allows you to have it all with our industry’s best swim-in-place experience. With a dedicated spa side you can have different temperatures on both sides – independent of each other. We’ve paired the industry leading Fastlane Pools Swim Machine with our optional underwater treadmill, low-impact exercise equipment plus relaxing warm water hydrotherapy. Swim, run, exercise and then relax, all in the privacy of your own back yard.


Model Type 147cm Swim & Tread 147cm Swim
Dimensions 610 x 147 x 226 cm 610 x 147 x 226 cm
Swim Side 457 x 147 x 226 cm 457 x 147 x 226 cm
Spa Side 152 x 93 x 226 cm 152 x 93 x 226 cm
Water Capacity 8,896 litres 9,066 litres
Swim Side 7,571 litres 7,741 litres
Spa Side 1,325 litres 1,325 litres
Weight 1,903 kg (Dry)
11,587 kg (Filled)
1,855 kg (Dry)
11,710 kg (Filled)
Shell Colour Options Alpine White or Ice Grey Alpine White or Ice Grey
Cabinet Colour Options Dark Mocha or Grey Oak Dark Mocha or Grey Oak
Swim Technology Fastlane Pools© Swim Machine Fastlane Pools© Swim Machine


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